When you own a business there is never a time you are not busy, with customers, ordering supplies, dealing with employees and watching your bottom line. In addition to all that it is your responsibility to keep you, your employees and customers safe and sound at all times while they are on your premises. So what happens when you are the victim of a robbery? Just add one more thing on your to do list, well luckily for you when you call North York Lock and Key you will have a skilled professional at your business in as little as a few minutes from the time you place your call. We arrive with our mobile locksmith service units filled to the brim with all the tools and materials needed to complete any of the numerous commercial locksmith services we offer right there on the spot. We will secure you business once again by installing new high security locks and even installing CCTV cameras. When you call for our North York commercial locksmith service rest assured that we have you and your business safe in our fully capable hands. When you depend on your business the same way we depend on ours it only makes sense to trust your bread and butter with the most trusted commercial locksmith in the area.


Like any home service you want to be sure that the company you are hiring is equipped to handle the service you require, not only with the skills required to get the job done but with the professionalism and courtesy you are accustomed to providing your customers every day. When you call our North York commercial locksmith team you can be sure that is just what you will receive, everyone of our technicians has been trained in all aspects of our business. From learning all the ins and outs of the locksmithing field and also attending required customer interaction courses we can confidently stand behind each and every one of our commercial locksmith technicians. If you hire a unprofessional or under skilled locksmith company you are putting your life’s work on the line, your business could be broken into or customers can get injured due to faulty workmanship all of which cost you more money then had you hired a real reputable locksmith in the beginning like North York Lock and Key.


We always carry out all of our commercial locksmith services in a professional manner at the lowest possible price and completed in the fastest possible time. We take pride in offering our fellow business owners a service they can count on 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call us now for all the services we can offer you. Commercial locksmith In North York provides emergency commercial locksmith services 24/7 to the city of North York and the surrounding areas. When it comes to securing your business there is no one better equipped to handle your needs than the team of North York Lock and Key.Whether you need to install new locks or unlock a locked door when it comes to your commercial locksmith needs there is no job too big or too small for our team of commercial locksmiths to handle. We have made sure that every one of our technicians have been trained in all the aspects of the commercial locksmith field, allowing us the confidence to offer our full service warranty on all of the work we perform. To learn more or to schedule your commercial locksmith appointment contact our customer service team 24/7.


No matter what time of the day or night it may be when you find your business in need of professional commercial locksmith service you can be sure that with one quick call into our customer service team you will have a local locksmith at your business within a matter of minutes ready to provide you with which ever type of commercial locksmith service you need. From installing a new set of access control locks at your apartment complex, or unlocking your locked safe so you can start your day. There is no job too big or too small for our North York commercial locksmiths to handle. Call our customer support team 24/7 to schedule your free business security assessment where we will walk through your entire business pointing out possible weak points in your security layout and map out the most budget friendly way to right the wrongs. Most of the time it is a quick and easy fix that requires you to upgrade your existing locks to new higher security leveled lock, but in the rare cases where an entire over haul in your security system is needed you can be sure that our team of skilled professional commercial locksmith technicians have more than enough experience to handle your needs with the level of professionalism we have become known for. Call our customer support team 24 hours a day 7 days a week to learn more.